What People say about the "DHM"


Lr baggs pick ups 'Sounds Great'


Thomas Blug (Fender Strat player of the year) 'Cool Song' (What reason)


Bruce Dickinson (Colour and Noise) 'Good Vibe and Tempo'
 McCrerie Guitars' Great Stuff'


Learning Korean 'I like your Music, So Cool'


Susana Merchant BBC Radio 'Cool Sound'


Kenwin House Reef  'Dan has a Great laid back style' 


Jim Williams 'Great Touch'


Patty Rakes USA Fan. 'DHT are truly amazing band! these guys put everything in their music  speaks for itself !!! They rock!


Sophie Brockowich USA Fan 'love there live sound'

Katie Roberts white ' Such a good band Studio and live'

Stevie Rigsby Radio presenter 'Love these guys sound'

Dan Hughes Music